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Nissan x trail 1600 2017 model disel

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Hi all. I have a 2017 xtrail 1600 and last week a message came up on the dash. Oil change 100 miles. So no problem carried on driving and a new message said auto stop start problem not working and the power started to drop of when trying to accelerate. I looked on Internet to try and find  problem with no luck. But then I found a thread about if your nissan is coming up for an oil change it can make the start stop not work and turn on the engine light yellow or red. When I purchased the car from sparshatts at millbrook Road Southampton they renewed oil and filter but didn't reset service  intefall so the cpu must has said gone over service period and flashed up stop start problem. The fix was to go into maintenance menu and reset the oil  service data to reset. After doing this the car is fine. None of this is in the hand book. Nissan should be more honest about how the software works on their cars to Joe public. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing the solution for this issue....pretty sure other members may have suffered this one and taken to the dealers for an expensive reset


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