2002 x trail power issues

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Hi, just bought for my mrs and seems like there's not much power is this normal or turbo problem etc.

the engine sounds ok but seems to lack power 

Any help would be grateful how I can check if there is a problem 



ps im new to xtrails so if you could explain simply that would be great 

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Hi Andrew....welcome to the Forum

It's a common fault on the Diesel engines....and there are several causes I have found out over time.

1.  Oxidation Cat blocks up but you can remove it by unbolting the end casing and beating out the monolith...goes a treat after that.

2.  Earth straps connecting body to engine, etc tend to break...replace all for around £10

3.  Fit an EGR blanking plate (make sure it has a small hole in it) and this works very well.

4. Throttle Potentiometer can be cleaned internally and reset (using voltage readings)

5. Fuel filter housing draws air sometimes and can be replaced with an aftermarket one which works well

Usually the turbo is fine as long as there are no air leaks on the hoses leading to and from it but also will perform better when the engine is running better, enough to clear it through.

Cheers,  Trevor

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My Xtrail goes very well solo but when towing a 1.2 tonne caravan seems to lack power. I change down as appropriate but the engine doesn't want to pick up, almost as if it's governed. Whereas my previous towcar  ( 2.0  Mondeo diesel ) responded quickly to a down-change the Xtrail doesn't until I drop at least two more gears. I read that these vehicles are prone to intercooler leaks and this seems to be the case with mine. Feel under the front left side of the intercooler and if you find oil you almost certainly have a leak. The early factory-made examples were very poor and were only crimped : look online and you can find a welded version with two-year warranty for around £ 145 which is good value given that genuine replacements cost up to £ 650. I intend to replace mine soon and hope for a result.


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