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1996 Nissan QX (A32) rear wheel bearings


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I own a 1996 Nissan QX 3ltr SEL. I am currently having trouble sourcing rear wheel bearings for it. My friend who runs a garage says that the bearings I need have an internal diameter of 30mm whilst the external is 72mm. He has tried several companies whose adverts say they will fit my car but when they arrive they are too small - around 26mm internal and 50mm external. The bearing is too small to fit into the hub and of course it won’t fit on the shaft. He has even tried buying the complete hub and bearing together as a kit but they still supply the wrong ones. Would appreciate it if someone has had this problem in the past and can let me know where I can purchase the correct parts.


Many thanks


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Hi Trevor

Will pass this info on to Paul. In the meantime an update on where we are at present.

Paul contacted a company in Southampton called Govindas Auto who had been suggested as a possible source for the bearings. According to their website they carry a stock of parts for older Datsun & Nissan vehicles yesterday morning. They got back to him later that day to say that he couldn't get any. Paul also finally got a response from the major Nissan dealer in the area who, after checking, said that that particular size of bearing and the relevant hub was now obsolete and unobtainable anywhere. Even Japan did not have any. They said Nissan had only used it in production for 2 years before changing to the smaller size that it seems everyone now supplies. When Paul asked for any suggestions to resolve the matter their response was "TOUGH!!!" and offered no help at all which from my dealings with Nissan dealers over the years is consistent with their approach to customer service. Totally useless.

Paul is currently talking to a bearing company in Alfreton. They said that if he takes the hub assembly to them they will see if they can provide a solution so fingers crossed. Not sure what to do if they or Ashley Bearings can't supply. Will keep you updated.


Read more: http://datsunclubuk.proboards.com/thread/4323/1996-nissan-rear-wheel-bearings#ixzz5YIEUXHiH

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I think the way I would approach is that the bearing is just that....a bearing.
Most bearing companies will treat it as that and measure the internal and external sizes, type of bearing, load and speed rating and then find you a suitable replacement (which may have a higher revolution speed or load rating) but I could almost guarantee that there will be something available, just not listed as a replacement Nissan wheel bearing.

Try these guys:   http://www.ashleypower.co.uk/

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Hi All

Just to let you all know car now back on the road. It may have taken some time but we got there in the end.

When I last posted the position was Paul was contacting a couple of suppliers suggested by followers of my post. Unfortunately ion the end both were unable to help. However Paul never gave up trying to resolve the matter. Despite continuously receiving the wrong parts he finally was supplied a hub assembly with the correct size bearing. However it turned out that he couldn't use the hub because it was fitted with the wrong ABS sensor rotor. This one had less teeth on it. Fitting this would have resulted in a mismatch on the ABS system which would have flagged up a warning on the ABS system due to the different size of rotors fitted to the front and back of the car which if done would mean an MOT failure at the next test. Following a lot of further discussion about what to do next a solution was finally found which in the end proved quite easy to resolve the matter. The hub supplier agreed to supply two wheel hub bearing without the sensor rotor. Didn't make sense to do just one side. If one side was failing how long before the other played up. The a friend of Paul's who runs a small engineering company manufactured a a couple of custom size shims to fit on the hubs so as to allow the original ABS rotors to be re-used. Result was that ABS functions as it should. No warning lights and more importantly no droning from the rear. 

 Many thanks to all for the advice and comments which although they didn't offer an immediate solution was much appreciated.



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