Micra 160SR buying advice

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Hi all,

After a few years after selling my 1.2 K12 I am now looking at going back to a K12 as I now have a much shorter commute to work 👍

I've seen a couple of 160SR's.

One is 2005 for £999 but has quite high miles (133K) but looks in great condition.

Could anyone give me some advice on the 160SR? Reliability, things to look out for. I know there were timing chain issues on earlier K12 models.

What sort of MPG do you guys get from your 160SR as well? I'm looking for a small car that can do about 40 to 50 MPG and I used to get about 42 out of my 1.2.

I've been looking at the 1.5 Dci but the diesel cars I've had before all suffered some kind of problem with the turbo. I'm not sure how reliable the Dci's are but I do like the look of the 160SR's instead.



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 I would think if the 2005 car has reached that mileage and is still running okay then at that price it is a no brainer really.

The DCi engine is reliable enough and I have had good experiences with them over the years as long as they have been maintained properly.

If it were my money I would go with the £999 car as its a good punt for a economical runabout

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Thanks Trevor.  I too feel its a bargain.  Just got to either travel 400 miles or pay for it to be delivered to get it !  It does look like it's in good condition.  Totally unmarked interior and exterior. I think if I got it then I'd give it an oil change straight away just in case. I've been looking at what people are getting in terms of MPG and some are getting almost 50 MPG with mixed driving.  I've been only getting 38 from my current car.  I used to have a 1.2 SE which was a great car, superbly reliable as well.  I'm really not sure if the DCI is for me as I'm not going to get a massive difference in terms of fuel cost as my miles are relatively low now.

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One of my most economical cars I have owned was a Peugeot 106 1.1 petrol and it gave me around 45 to the gallon virtually anywhere i went and was also rather nippy which was fine for round town driving and mixing it up occasionally on an extra-urban run.

Would definitely consider something like this again in the future as its all about cutting costs nowadays.

Good luck with your hunt for a suitable car and keep us updated on how its all going

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