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Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I bought new X trail 69plate which had first service today 6650 miles, dealer wants to replace rear discs and pads £410 due to corrossion! is this a normal expectation I should have? First Nissan I have owned.



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Hi....welcome to the Forum

I would imagine it is just surface corrosion which will clean up when used for a period.
Sounds like a money making advisory note at best, worth getting a second opinion at another garage to confirm

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If your discs and pads need replaced at that mileage ( is it really only 6,650 miles or 66,500?) and at that age then they most definately should be replaced under warranty  for free as they must have been faulty.

I only replaced my pads for the first time this year on my qashqai ( just sold ) after approx 62,000 miles the discs were fine .

i would kick up a stink with my dealer if i bought a car off them and that happened at just over a year old.

best of luck get your grumpy head on and give them Jip.


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