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I had expected to find information about older Micras as with owners clubs for other vehicles.

I am aware that some Micra owners have had their vehicles for a long time and regard them as treasured possessions so am surprised that information on them does not appear to be readily available.

I am one of the band of owners of (in my case) a 1995 Micra which continues to be used every day. I occasionally get asked would I sell it, it would appear these older Micras are becoming a collectors item. Has anyone else heard of this?

I am interested in a supply of parts since Nissan no longer have a stock of certain older parts.

In particular I need to obtain a replacement rear number plate light fitting. Does anyone know of any available?


Bob J   


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Hi Bob......welcome to the forum

There are still plenty of old Micra's on the road and apart from bodywork issues the mechanicals are quite reliable and durable.
Feel free to ask any questions and I'm sure someone will be able to assist with an answer

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