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Value of Nissan QX

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Hi, May have to sell my QX in the near future. Only produced for 2 years before a styling revamp this early top of the range 1996 3.0ltr SEL are quite rare to find in this country especially in this condition. Mileage is just over 126000. Trying to get an idea of its value in case I have to. Any ideas.


Nissan QX 3ltr SEL.jpg


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That's a tough one!

Not sure of a value but it looks amazing condition.
Probably eBay on auction is the best route and set a minimum price to gauge the value 

Let us know how you get on with it

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Hi Trevor

Can confirm condition is excellent so wouldn't be able to get another one to match it. As to selling it wife is telling (nagging) me not to do so as i will only regret it. Really love this high speed cruiser so hopefully won't have to. Won't let me add any more pics to this post due to limit on kB so will do a separate post.



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Have increased the capacity for image upload, try that now

If it was me, I would keep it as have got rid of too many cars over the years which I regret selling and have no chance of affording them now.

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