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My Nissan QX

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Hi Trevor

Not sure why but can only a attach a file no larger than 47.89kB. Had no problem posting the other ones. This is very restrictive as a 640 x 480 pic which are totally acceptable when attached to an email is 73kB. Have attached one of the front interior of the car which I have greatly reduced. Perhaps an administrator can explain the restriction.




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On 4/13/2021 at 10:38 AM, Trevor said:

Try that....have now increased the capacity for uploads

Thanks for that Trevor. Didn't realise you were an administrator. And sorry for not acknowledging your action sooner but have only just logged on to the forum. Busy busy the last couple of days. Can post more pics if you like. 

Whilst on do you know if there will be any shows on this year with regard to our cars? Most classic car shows I have attended, apart from the annual NEC, have hardly any Japanese vehicles on show.

Regards and stay safe.


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Feel free to post up more photos if you wish.

I suppose the only shows I can think of are JapFest and the like which is more for modified cars.
If anyone knows of any shows and events for stock Japanese cars then post them here

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