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Tips to avoid clogged DPF & EGR


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Hi All, I naively bought a 1.6 16 plate Tekna Juke Diesel (55k Mileage) May of last year for what I thought I would need to commute to work, however working from home meant I did not need to do that.
I live in the city and don't travel very often and so I've had problems with needing a new DPF , and now a clogged EGR valve and sensor, requiring a new one. Which has cost me alot of money i'd rather not spend if possible to avoid. 

This was my first proper car so was unaware that short distance/city driving is not ideal for a Diesel and the build up is likely my start/stop driving and short distance journeys.

I've read that taking it out on the motorway every now and then is required to get it heated up and clear the carbon or whatever out from there, but can't find a rough estimate of time frame so was looking for some advice on that. 

TLDR: How often would you recommend taking it out to get it to high rev/high speed/high heat to keep the DPF and EGR clean? Weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly?

Please also feel free to correct me if what i've read is inaccurate. 


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You will need to take it on a long run (say around 20 miles or so) at a moderate speed but at high revs (not 5th or 6th gear) so that the pressure builds up to break up the collection of soot in both the EGR and DPF.
Try to keep the speed and revs constant so motorway is probably best and later in the evening.

Keep any eye on the engine temperature but it will go slightly higher whilst trying to purge the EGR/DPF.
Also, it may be accompanied by a burning smell but this is part of the process.
After you finish the run, allow the engine to cool down for a period.

I would aim to give the car a run at least once a week to ensure the engine does not clog up in the future

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