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Trouble from the off !!!


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Hi All

My wife wanted a tough reliable car with plenty of room in the boot for a dog crate and the occasional ability to pull horses.

We Settled on a older model X Trail (DY58 VGN) it does everything required but its far from reliable it since we got it it seems like its always been in the garage 

It came with a new MOT then only months later one front wishbone broke and the other was seen to be badly corroded (errr how did it get an MOT before being sold...... ???)

Last week it blew a coolant hose to the gearbox

It just passed this years MOT yesterday without issue, and now my wife tells me there is yet another light on the dash !! 

Before i take it in (again) is it worth investing in a reasonably priced ODBII scanner  to do a little bit of self diagnoisis ..?

N.B I'm not particularly mechanical !!

Any particular recommendations on these ..?

Many thanks and kind regards in advance !


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Sorry to hear you're having issues with it and am sure they will eventually settle down once the current problems are sorted.

I would look on eBay for a cheap OBDII scanner that can run through your phone (look for ELM327 Bluetooth variety that says its suitable for use on Nissan 

Let us know what you find

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