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Intercooler turbo pipe broke now replaced but still not running properly


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Hi can anyone help me please. My mothers car juke 1.5 diesel (maybe 2012) 

she was driving heard a bang car went into limp mode(or ran very rough) she carried on driving it for a further few Miles then car stopped completely and she was recovered back home 

when she got home I looked under bonnet and seen the intercooler/turbo hose broke so ordered and have now replaced it. 

the car is stilL not running properly won’t rev past about 2k and originally as soon as foot off accelerator it would die. Lots of smoke coming out of exhaust After about 30 mins this has got a bit better but still Won’t rev properly. 

plugged in my code reader and 3 faults relating to exhaust pressure 



im Assuming that some Carbon/fuel is blocking exhaust system but not sure ? 
is there a easy way to fix ? 
thanks a lot 



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It could be that the EGR or DPF are blocked and this may have contributed to the intercooler hose failing.

I would run some cleaner through the fuel and also take for a run to increase the revs over a time and clear it through

Sounds like it needs a good 'Italian Tuneup' to sort it out

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