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2012 Nissan Micra DEAD


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Hello everyone. I am brand new to the forum, hope everyone is well. 

I have recently purchased a 12 plate Nissan micra 5dr. The car when purchased had two damaged passenger side doors. It arrived dead but with some jump leads it was up and running.

Today I removed the back door and replaced it with a new one. There were only two wires inside to connect, the speakers and central locking. I haven't done anything else to the car. 


Now the issue, I was putting the door panel back on and for some reason the headlights came on with the light switch turned to off. The headlights stayed on until the battery died. 

I tried jump starting the car with leads but nothing. Completey dead. No light no nothing. 


This is as far as I've gotten with it as it got dark and I was in my driveway. I would love some advice on this issue. 

Could it be a fuse or has the battery fried? Or have I done something wrong with the rear door? 


Any advice will be much appreciated. 


Thanks everyone 

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I would check or replace the battery if it is dying that quickly.

Also check the battery leads, especially the earth lead as putting the door on may have made an earth connection that illuminated the headlights

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