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Help re my 1996 Nissan QX 3ltr SEL


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Hoping someone can help with problem I am having with my QX. 

Car starts but tickover not smooth. As soon as you touch accelerator pedal it dies. Eventually after numerous attempts it will rev up but will not rev past 2000rpm. just pops and bangs which obviously is not good. If you engage drive (4 speed auto with overdrive) it stalls. Need to hold revs at around 1300 -1400rpm to get it to pullaway but of course it does so with a jerk. Once on the go gearbox changes are often hesitent along with its reluctance to rev. Have serviced the car along with new plugs. Even changed transmission oil. No Engine management warning lights on dash. No warning lights of any kind. Car has covered just under 130,000 miles and never had any problems like this before. Has always started 1st time and run smooth as clockwork. Any ideas/suggestions as to cause and cure would be gratefully appreciated.

 Many thanks


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Hi - Sorry for the delay in update but problem now cured. Took a while but finally back on the road. Had to take it to a main Nissan dealer 20 miles away in the end so as to connect it to their diagnostics system due to other garages near me not having older diagnostic computer kits compatible with my car. Not cheap. £120 later and they said that the Mass Airlow Unit and Knock sensor needed replacing. Their quote was £1671. Staggering. Said parts were the costly items. They said Airflow Unit was £565 plus VAT. No way! Anyway spoke to Paul at local garage and he said that in all his working life (over 20 years) he had only ever replaced one knock sensor in all that time so should ignore that. A search on ebay resulted in me purchasing Airflow Unit for just under £36. Yes only £36. Could have had it shipped from Australia for around £75 all in. Anyway booked car in with Paul who fitted it along with a couple of rubber gaitors for the steering rack. Total cost for his work was £60. Result - success. Car now runs just as it did before problem occurred so very 'happy bunny'. 


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