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Wheels, hubcaps, problems, problems...


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Hey hey,

I have a k12 Micra and swapped to 15" X 6.5" Clio wheels (they fill out the arches better, there's more tyre sizes available, and they look grand). I want to finish them off with the 7" center hubcaps from K11 Micra steel wheels.

From what I can see, they just push onto the wheel bolts (and since the K11 and K12 have the same PCD it shouldn't be a problem), but after trying them on they don't seem to 'click' into place. They're loose and come off reallyreally easy.

Should I use K11 wheel bolts? Or is there a special kind of fitment bracket on K11 wheels that holds the hubcaps in place?

Thanks for your time,


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Hi Sith

It does sound like the wheel nuts are different...that is the first thing I would check and if they are the same then revert to plan B (whatever that is)

Have you got a photo of the reverse side of the hub caps you can upload here?

Cheers,   Trevor

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Hey Trever, thanks for replying!

Yeah, I think you're right...I just found out k11 wheel bolts are 19mm and it seems the k12 bolts are smaller.

The threads are different too:

K11 = M12 X 1.25

K12 = M12 X 1.5

...so o can't just whack in some K11 bolts instead. Baws! :angry:

No photos the noo, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Thanks again :)

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