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Micra repair/service costs?

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2005 Micra, 57k on the clock, looked after by the same garage for the past 10 years. He is not cheap, but he seems to do a good job and I trust him. Took car on 9/1/19 for a check over and MoT. It has done 500 miles since the last oil change, so it was not due new oil etc. He does not do the actual MoT. The MoT people failed it on the tyres and the track rod.

MoT preparation, safety and lub check, polish headlights, they were cloudy and now look like new, repair wire to rear wiper motor, check for very slight coolant loss, front brake pad and disks, new track rod and track rod end, reset tracking, two new tyres, valves and balance - interchanged. And the MoT. Brake cleaner. I got a car to go home in. He took it for the MoT.

£414 inc the VAT

Is this reasonable?




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Sounds reasonable to me .... if it wasn't for the VAT element it would look a lot cheaper being below £400

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