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K12 flasher relay


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Hi everyone, new here.

I've been searching all over the Internet to no avail for an answer and I hope I may find something here.

I've got a set of led side indicators and led tailights on my 160SR with halogen bulbs in the front still. I want to upgrade those front bulbs to LED aswell, when I put the led front bulbs in they all flash like a standard vehicle would should a bulb blow. I know I need a higher resistance relay for the circuit but I can't find said relay.


Anyone able to offer me any advice as to where it may be? I'm fairly mechanically minded so I don't mind if I need to pull several things apart to get to it.


Cheers all!

PFA of my 160SR "Soria"



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Hi....welcome to the Club 

Here is a selection of relays which you'll need to identify by the pin configuration but used one for my L200 a while ago and worked a treat


Great looking Micra by the way !

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