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03 Micra K12 - Cranking but won't start when Engine Cold

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My Micra refuses to start when the Engine is cold !!
It will start if I spray petrol into Air Filter ... but that's not something I'm comfortable with !!

I think it is down to a faulty sensor that is sending incorrect or NO signal to ECU. I've replaced the Coolant Temp Sensor but that made No difference. I THINK there is only one on the K12 - maybe someone on the Forum can confirm that ??

I now suspect the MAF Sensor ( the one on top of the Air Box, 4 terminals & 1 bolt ) may be faulty. If I disconnect it with the engine running - the engine continues to run. I'm informed that the engine should cut out when this is disconnected ?? Again, maybe someone can confirm or dispute that.
I'm also pretty sure that it's a "cold start enrichment" issue - but what's causing it , I'm not so sure of !!

At ALL other times it runs & starts perfectly !!
All suggestions welcome ...

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